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What I’ve learned after three years of accessibility development

Prior to working at Indeed, I’ve never worked on accessibility (a11y) before. I started working on accessibility back in 2020 when Indeed decided to take it more seriously in order to avoid getting slap with a lawsuit. Prior to this, my knowledge and experience with accessibility is non-existent and it is limited to knowing a […]

Adding live previews with WordPress, Gatsby, and Netlify

I wrote about this topic briefly when I changed my blog to a hybrid of WordPress and Gatsby. My initial solution involves using JWT to query WordPress preview posts. The solution was quite simple but flawed for several reasons.

Modernizing Anchorific

I must be the world’s most horrible open sourceress because I can’t seem to maintain my projects consistently. Mad respect to all the open source contributors out there. I wish I could do what they do but I just can’t seem to commit. If you were to compare my projects to plants in a garden, […]

Using WordPress and GatsbyJS together

I have always love WordPress. I have been using it for a decade now and I love how it has evolved overtime. You can even read some old posts about WordPress theming and plugin ideas. At one point, I even contributed a WordPress Plugin that has a decent amount of followers but it is now […]

Tips on improving the map rendering performance of Mapbox

At this time of the year, I would usually be travelling with my family in order to escape our mundane routines. Last year, we did a Central Europe tour and two years ago, we visited Turkey and spend some time in Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. However, due to the widespread of Coronavirus, Malaysia is under […]