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Adding live previews with WordPress, Gatsby, and Netlify

I wrote about this topic briefly when I changed my blog to a hybrid of WordPress and Gatsby. My initial solution involves using JWT to query WordPress preview posts. The solution was quite simple but flawed for several reasons.

Using WordPress and GatsbyJS together

I have always love WordPress. I have been using it for a decade now and I love how it has evolved overtime. You can even read some old posts about WordPress theming and plugin ideas. At one point, I even contributed a WordPress Plugin that has a decent amount of followers but it is now […]

WordPress: A different approach in managing stylesheets for different pages

Managing custom scripts and stylesheets for different pages can be a pain in the butt since you have to keep editing the functions.php file in order to enqueue and dequeue several stylesheets for a particular page according to your needs. This have several drawbacks: Editing functions.php file – This is not really a big deal […]

WordPress Theme Development: Getting Started with Bones and Sass

Bones is a starter theme for WordPress. If you are developing a WordPress theme, Bones will be a good starting point for you since you do not have to start from scratch. Sure, there are a lot of themes that you can modify and expand on. So why Bones, specifically? It is mobile first and […]