Aysha Anggraini

On code, design, and movement

Hello! I'm Aysha.

I'm a software engineer who loves code and design equally. Previously, I was a design engineer working at Indeed where I worked primarily as a bridge between design and engineering with a special focus on a11y and contributing to the design system. Before that, I was a software engineer at a cool streaming site called Viki. I've been in the tech industry for about 9 years.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BSc in Information Systems. My education experience is unique as I get to experience college life in Doha, Qatar as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am grateful that I discover one of my passions earlier in life and it also happens to be one that is able to feed me and where interesting opportunities aplenty. Taking up software engineering as a profession has given me the opportunity to travel, meet, and work with amazing people, and share my knowledge with others.

I love the combination of creative design and code. You might have stumbled upon some of my work in the wild. While I love working on personal projects and contributing to open source, I don’t really have much time to work on them given my day job and personal interest. Therefore, this blog is an outlet for me to share things that I’ve learned at work or through personal explorations.

Other interests

I’m a wannabe circus artist by night. I was a couch potato for the entirety of my life until I discovered pole dance in 2014 and have never looked back. While pole is my main interest, I immerse myself in other mediums of movement such as Calisthenics, Yoga, and Animal Flow in order to maintain my strength and prevent injury.

Aside from movement, I took up brush calligraphy last year and have enjoyed creating lettering art. It has been a medium that I chose in order to shut down and relax.

When I am not in the mood for typing code, sliding on the floor, spinning on the pole, or flicking my brush meticulously to form a letter, you can find me right in front of my PC playing games. I love enjoying games with a balance of entertaining gameplay and great storylines. Some of my favourite game titles are both the original Devil May Cry series and DmC, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dishonored, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

Contact me

I don’t really provide support for any of the open source projects that I created due to a lack of time so please don’t contact me about them as they are no longer maintained.

For any other topics, you can reach out to me through my email ren.aysha [at] gmail [dot] com or DM me on one of the social media sites linked on this blog.