About Me

I’m Aysha and I am a Software Engineer by day and a wannabe circus star by night. What do I mean by that? Code is my wife while movement is my mistress; I do Yoga, Calisthenics, and Pole Dancing to keep myself from being a couch potato. Without noticing it, moving in any form has become somewhat of an addiction.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BSc in Information Systems. I am grateful that I discover one of my passions earlier in life and it also happens to be one that is able to feed me and where interesting opportunities aplenty. Taking up software engineering as a profession has given me the opportunity to travel, meet and work with amazing people, and share my knowledge from time to time.

I love open source projects and I try to contribute and learn as much as I can. I wrote several ones that you can find on Github and a WordPress plugin that has form a steady amount of users over the years. Loving and working on open source projects are two different things. I love using things that are free and this is the reason why I open sourced my code as well. But maintaining such projects do take a lot of time. If you have any questions or requests about my works or my plugin, feel free to send me an email. I do not guarantee that I can add in new features or fix bugs immediately though. With that out of the way, if you’re interested in contributing to any of the projects, send a pull request on Github.

When I am not typing code furiously or sliding on the floor or twirling on the pole, I also like to unwind by playing good games with great storylines and gameplay. Some of my favorite game titles are both the original Devil May Cry series and DmC, The Witcher Series, Bayonetta, Trine Series, Bioshock Series, Dead Space, Dishonored, etc. At least these are the list that are on top of my head right now.

If you need to contact me, send your profession of undying love to me at ren.aysha[at]gmail.you-know-the-rest.

  • Myrna Miraj

    This is very nice and your mommy will always be the first person to comment.. I love the colors, the cute cartoon-y paraphernalia you draw. I can see your fav things are diamonds, desserts, cats (is that supposed to be Yoda or Aki? the cat is all black like Yoda but has stripes like Aki, hehehe), games and is that a merlion? So you like Singapore too? I like visiting Singapore as well but the currency is becoming so expensive these days.. A meal at a hawker center will at least be SGD10 and that translates to a MYR25. I can get a really nice Lady Set meal at Gozen restaurant in JB, Amansari resort with that kinda price.. Singapore is certainly only a place to visit occasionally. Your favorite Magnum Gold ice cream is SGD4.90 and that is MYR12.25 and I can get a sundae from Baskin Robbins with that kinda price too, huh!!!!!!

    • RenettaRenula

      Haha! No, it doesn’t represent Singapore. It represents the Lannisters from Game of Thrones. As much as I love Singapore, I do not love it enough to parade it here on the header of my blog.

  • Fabiel Ocelotl XIll

    Can you be my mentor? lol

  • KevinThom

    I hope you finally got your little hands on GTAV. It was well worth the wait!