Happy new year to all my readers and stalkers!

2013 has been extremely slow for me. I won’t say it is my best year. Aside from being slow, it is also the year I encountered many idiots and experience many inefficiencies: getting a job contract late (how hard can crafting an offer letter be?!), getting shit salary offers (despite being given a senior position), not being taken seriously (because of ageist assholes), being ignored, given stupid interview questions that are either an insult to my intelligence or are irrelevant to my skills, given degrading and demeaning insults in the guise of a joke, etc. Read More

Testing Scrolling Events with Qunit.js

When I was writing the unit test for Anchorific.js, I was having a hard time writing test for the ScrollSpy implementation as there was not many documentation on testing for scrolling event. Therefore, I decided to come up with my own solution, which is not perfect, but it does a great job in doing what I wanted it to do. So, lets assume that we have a simple ScrollSpy plugin that will update the active state of the navigation based on your scroll position. Just have a look at the demo page of Anchorific.js, as Scrollspy.js was extracted from it. Read More

Anchorific.js is now on Github!

I created Anchorific.js in order to learn three things:  GruntQunit, and how to develop a jQuery plugin. So, I developed a jQuery plugin in order to this. I am a big believer in learning by doing. Learning passively through a book just never works for me and I just need to go out there and do it. This is the real reason why Anchorific.js was born; it is not because I was too lazy to create anchored headings and anchor navigations on a single-page document. Read More