Aysha Anggraini

On code, design, and movement

That Little Fine Line

I don’t usually write about people because I can never be subtle in my writings or my portrayal of them. I remember getting into trouble when I wrote about a classmate during my college days. I never mentioned her name but the post was a criticism of her management skills of our group project. I […]

CSS Houdini: Properties, Values, and the Paint API

I was invited by Huijing for a talk at a CSS meetup here in Singapore. Small speaking assignments are the best way to explore something new. So I thought I would explore and give a talk on CSS Houdini. You’ve probably heard a lot about the future of Javascript and in this subject, CSS doesn’t […]

Adventures in Packaging Existing React Components as an NPM Library

At work, I have been working on making our UI components more reusable. Well, nothing new there since I have spoken and written about making CSS more reusable in the past. But as Viki grows, so does its services. Making UI components reusable across a single app is no longer a challenge. Instead, we need […]

CSS Grid for the Traditionalists

CSS Grid opens a plethora of new possibilities for designing layouts. We can finally let go of the 12-columns layout since our new tools made it easier to manipulate our grid system. However, I still believe that 12-columns layout is still going to be a thing at least until the adoption of CSS Grid becomes […]

The Art of Solving Problems with CSS

At my workplace, sometimes I’m tasked with creating impractical UIs such as this ribbon shown in the screenshot below. I see them as impractical since it is not your average card UIs or navigation bars that are easy to create. These types of problem requires a bit of thinking but with a systematic approach, you […]