Aysha Anggraini

On code, design, and movement

Ren Aysha ❤ Viki

Starting 4th February, I will be working as a front-end engineer at Viki, an awesome company based in Singapore. It is a video streaming website with a crowdsource subtitling functionality. It makes the viewing of K-drama and J-drama even more awesome for all of you rabid fan girls (and boys).

I am quite excited about this new opportunity as I get to strike one new year’s resolution off my list:

Get involve with a popular company. Get in one of their development teams. Learn as much as I can from these people and teach them what I know also. Sharing knowledge would be a good way to go.

I am really excited to join the web team at Viki. From my interviews, I could tell that I will be working with talented, intelligent but also humble people.

I interviewed with several companies in the States and Middle East but I decided to stay put in Singapore. From my experience, the Middle East do not really have a good market when it comes to software engineering. It is quite limited and it is not as vast compared to the market in Singapore. Furthermore, receiving stupid or pretentious interview questions from Middle East companies really turns me off – employers are not the only one who are judging candidates. Candidates like me are viciously judging them as well.

For companies in the States, it didn’t really work out because of the H1-Bs visa quota. I applied quite late and they had told me they are out of visas and that applying for it could take for about a year! I decided I can’t be idle for too long. The next best option for me would be working in Singapore. Somewhere close to home!

I am looking forward to do awesome things at Viki. The mere fact that my work will have some presence really excites me. I will update you guys more on this! Taaa!~