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Ren Aysha ❤ Viki

Starting 4th February, I will be working as a front-end engineer at Viki, an awesome company based in Singapore. It is a video streaming website with a crowdsource subtitling functionality. It makes the viewing of K-drama and J-drama even more awesome for all of you rabid fan girls (and boys). I am quite excited about […]

Happy new year to all my readers and stalkers!

2013 has been extremely slow for me. I won’t say it is my best year. Aside from being slow, it is also the year I encountered many idiots and experience many inefficiencies: getting a job contract late (how hard can crafting an offer letter be?!), getting shit salary offers (despite being given a senior position), […]

Prototyping Complex Animation for Not-So-Artistic People

I recently gave a talk titled Breaking Down SVG Animations at a local meet-up in Singapore called Talk.CSS. It is not so much about SVG and it is more about how to approach complex animations for the web as a beginner. In this talk, I refer to complex animation as animating cartoons or characters; anything […]

WordPress: A different approach in managing stylesheets for different pages

Managing custom scripts and stylesheets for different pages can be a pain in the butt since you have to keep editing the functions.php file in order to enqueue and dequeue several stylesheets for a particular page according to your needs. This have several drawbacks: Editing functions.php file – This is not really a big deal […]

CSS3 Thumbnail Hover Effect

See the Pen Pure CSS Thumbnail Hover Effect by Ren Aysha (@rrenula) on CodePen   I remembered an old blog post by @Sohtanaka where he created a thumbnail hover effect with CSS and jQuery. I decided to replicate the same effect using CSS3, making it to Pure CSS without any JavaScript involve. It uses good […]